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It is gratifying to witness my students' musical growth, and that in turn fuels and inspires my own work. As a teacher my goal is to help students understand and play the instrument, and to develop appreciation for the vast and wonderful piano repertoire that exists today.  I believe that with hard work and dedication, this can be accomplished for beginners as well as advanced players.  My teaching approach is rooted in the rigorous conservatory training and the lessons I've learned from my own teachers.  Over the years I've worked with many students to achieve the following goals:

  • learn musical notation and establish a strong foundation in basic piano technique
  • prepare for assessment exams (ABRSM, Certificate of Merit, etc.)
  • improve technique and expand range of repertoire
  • learn ensemble playing
  • reinforce knowledge of music theory
  • gain general appreciation for classical music
  • refresh after time away from piano

Weekly lessons are 30, 45, and 60 minutes depending on a person's age and level.  Each lesson focuses on building and strengthening technique, studying repertoire, and teaching music fundamentals.  All prospective students are encouraged to schedule a trial lesson.  For more information, contact me at